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Convenient occupational health services

Getting sick or hurt at work can be a hassle. Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job® (KPOJ) can help.

We have a full range of occupational health services, including injury care, employment exams, medical screenings, and drug and alcohol testing. Kaiser Permanente’s focus on integrated care means we can help members close gaps in care and make referrals to specialists as needed. But you don’t have to be a Kaiser Permanente member to use KPOJ services.

Plus, we’ll send your employer and claims manager the reports they need so you can focus on getting better and back to work.

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Your time is valuable. So, we’re committed to getting you back to work as safely and efficiently as possible. From your first point of contact with a KPOJ clinic to your final results, you’ll get prompt, high-quality care from every member of our staff — no matter which clinic you visit.

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Your one-stop resource for occupational health care needs

We know a work injury can disrupt your daily life. Our centers provide:

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Specialized care for when you get hurt at work

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Skilled doctors who are board certified in Occupational Medicine

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Clinical teams that work for your best care and quick recovery

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Coordinated care and clinical services, including physical therapy, radiology, specialty care, pharmacy, and claims management

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Care that respects your diverse health beliefs, values, and behaviors

Integrated care that’s centered on you

We work together to help ensure you receive personalized care at whichever clinic location you visit. For Kaiser Permanente members, that also means we’ll let you know if you’re due for any medical exams or vaccinations based on your electronic medical record. But even if you aren’t enrolled in our health plan, you can expect us to coordinate your care journey as you recover from a worksite injury or illness.

Together, we’ll map out a plan to help you get — and stay — healthy.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a Kaiser Permanente member to be seen at a KPOJ clinic?

No. We provide the same high-quality, convenient care whether you have Kaiser Permanente medical coverage or not. All we need is your employer’s name and workers’ compensation insurance. We’ll do the rest.

When should I use KPOJ services?

Worksite injuries happen. Some are minor; some more severe. Use KPOJ when an injury keeps you from getting back to work right away. Our occupational health team will provide prompt treatment, care coordination, and case management to help you get well and back to work. You can also use KPOJ services for routine workforce screenings required by your employer, including pre-employment exams, vision and hearing screenings, and drug and alcohol tests. See all our services

What can I expect at a KPOJ occupational health visit?

Board-certified occupational medicine doctors and specially trained providers treat anyone who needs care for a work-related injury or illness. 

If you are a Kaiser Permanente member, we’ll have an electronic record of your medical history. This can give us a head start on a treatment plan.

If you’re not a member, we’ll ask for your medical history and details about your work-related injury or illness. 

You can often receive all your work-related injury care, physical therapy, X-rays, labs, and pharmacy needs under one roof, saving you time and helping you get back to work faster.

What can I expect with ongoing care from KPOJ?

KPOJ is more than first aid. We’re equipped to provide all the care you need to help you get better and back to work.

We’ll create a treatment plan. Our doctors specialize in all fields of medicine, including surgery. We have our own X-ray departments, laboratories, physical therapists, and pharmacies. Often, you’ll find all the services you need at a single medical office. That means no driving from place to place for treatments.

After each visit, you’ll receive a summary that includes your work status. It will explain whether you’re unable to work, able to return to work on a limited-duty basis, or able to return to work on full-duty status.

Our goal is the same as yours: to help you return to work as soon as medically appropriate.

Do I need an appointment?

We welcome walk-ins. Still, we encourage patients to call ahead and book a visit. Doing this will reduce wait times and help ensure we can see you on your schedule. 

To book a visit, call 1-888-414-3531. We can help you find the KPOJ clinic closest to you.

What are KPOJ’s hours?

Our clinics are open Monday through Friday, 8am–5pm. 

For after-hours care, please visit a Kaiser Permanente Urgent Care or Emergency Department. You can learn about care options at

What do I need to bring to my first KPOJ visit?

All patients — whether an employee or job candidate — must bring a photo ID and any forms that are to be completed by our medical providers. If you plan to receive a vaccine during your visit, bring a record of past immunizations (non-members only).

If you were injured at work and initially treated at an emergency department or other location, bring any medical records from that visit.

Will I be billed for my visit?

Our coordinated care and claims management experts can help you through the workers’ compensation process. We want you to focus on getting better! When your claim is accepted, the workers’ compensation insurer will pay for the medical treatment related to your on-the-job injury. If the claim is denied, your health insurer and you will be responsible for the bills. Learn more about the workers’ compensation claim process in Oregon and Washington.

Our occupational health and safety services are available on a fee-for-service basis, regardless of whether you have one of our health plans.

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Call our Occupational Health Service Center at 1-888-414-3531 (TTY 711) to schedule an appointment.