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Full-service occupational health care

Convenient care under one roof

We understand the impact a work-related injury can have on employees, co-workers, and employers — and we’re here to help. 

  • Clinic staff work to get patients back on the job quickly and safely.

  • We help keep you current with state and federal worksite regulations. 

  • Our specialists can work to identify and prevent future health concerns — helping protect the long-term health of patients.

Injury care for workers’ compensation

We’re committed to providing the care and support patients need to quickly and safely recover from a work-related injury or illness. Getting employees back on the job efficiently is a team effort, requiring coordination between the doctor, employer, and claims administrator. Injured workers can benefit from care that’s based on best practices and from providers specially trained in these practices.

Injury and illness care

All patients — even non–Kaiser Permanente members — can get prompt treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses, including: 

  • Initial assessment

  • Follow-ups

  • Disability management

  • Safe return to work

  • Specialty care

  • Radiology imaging services

  • Prescriptions

For follow-ups and consultations, a phone or video appointment can help save time. After the first visit, the doctor can determine if a virtual option is right for a patient.* 

*When appropriate and available. These features are available when you get care at Kaiser Permanente facilities. To have a video visit, members must be registered on and have a camera-equipped computer or mobile device.

Physical therapy

Rehabilitation services are integrated into each of our clinics. Our staff will work closely with a patient’s medical provider to tailor a specialized recovery plan that’s right for them.

Care management

Our team helps patients manage care every step of the way, including coordination between clinical services, employers, and claims administrators.

Occupational health and safety services (OHSS)

We help you meet state and federal worksite regulations — and protect the long-term health of employees and your business. We offer a full scope of occupational health and safety services, with clear communication and timely reporting to help you keep employees safe and productive.

Employment physicals

We’ll help determine whether new hires can safely perform the essential functions of their jobs. We do this through basic medical exams and tests as well as more complex functional and physical capacity evaluations. 

For patients who are coming back to work after a prolonged injury or illness, we’ll help gauge their fitness to safely perform the essential functions of their jobs.

Pre-employment and post-offer screenings

These physical examinations may include the following: directed medical history and review of work; history and related illnesses; whisper hearing test (non-audiometric); vision testing for near, distance, color, and depth perception; vital signs; and review of immunizations.

Physical capacity screening

The physical capacity screening identifies a person’s ability to perform the essential functions of a job as defined by the job description. A physical therapist administers the screening in conjunction with a pre-employment or post-offer physical administered by an occupational health services provider. The examining provider determines clearance to perform the essential job functions.

DOT / DMV evaluations

Per Department of Transportation (DOT) or Public Utility Commission (PUC) regulations, the physical assessment and examination to qualify for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is valid for up to two years. Providers who are CDL examiners are registered in the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) national database.

Fitness-for-duty evaluations

The fitness-for-duty exam determines if an employee is physically and/or psychologically able to safely perform their job. These exams are unique to every employer and every specific job.

Return-to-work evaluations

The return-to-work evaluation is provided before an employee returns to work following an injury, illness, surgery, or extended absence. This evaluation assesses the employee’s ability to return to the position held prior to their leave. It determines if they can safely perform the job and tasks associated with that position. The exam results can help to determine next steps such as return to work with accommodations, return without accommodations, or whether additional rehabilitation is needed. 

Screening services

We help you maintain a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. From basic audio exams or complex silica exams, we’ll get patients in and out quickly and deliver the reports you need, including:

Respirator clearance

The respirator clearance physical examination measures a person’s lung capacity and function for respiratory clearance prior to fitting and training for respirator use.

Click here to access the 3M Online Respirator Medical Evaluation System.

Medical surveillance

A medical surveillance program consists of medical screening exams and tests designed to detect and monitor potential health effects from hazardous chemical or physical exposures in the workplace. It enables early treatment or other steps to protect employee health.

Silica exams

This exam screens for effects of exposure to silica from cutting, sawing, drilling, and crushing concrete, brick, ceramic tiles, rock, and stone products. Abrasive blasting and hydraulic fracturing can also cause exposures.

Firefighter and police examinations

These exams provide testing for pre-placement, annual, or surveillance exams and include an OSHA respirator questionnaire, physical exam, review of medical history, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) exam components, and discussion with the employer for department job descriptions, essential tasks, environmental factors, and other items. 

Hearing conservation

A hearing conservation program helps measure and monitor the hearing of employees who work in jobs that expose them to hazardous noise such as manufacturing, agriculture, mining, military, transportation, and construction.

Vision screening

This comprehensive eye examination includes an evaluation for visual acuity, ocular alignment, binocularity, and color vision testing when appropriate.

Blood-borne pathogen testing

A blood-borne pathogen test is provided to an individual who has been exposed to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV. 

Asbestos evaluations

This evaluation program includes a baseline and annual screening for effects of exposure to asbestos.

Lead surveillance

This surveillance program consists of periodic blood sampling and medical evaluation on a schedule defined by previous lab results, worker complaints or concerns, and the clinical assessment of the examining physician.

Urine specimen collection for drug screening

Effective anti-drug programs can diminish absenteeism, minimize health care costs, improve job performance, and reduce lost time due to accidents. The reasons for drug testing include pre-employment, annual physicals, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion / cause, and return-to-duty.

Hazardous waste worker evaluations

This physical evaluation is required by OSHA for workers exposed to hazardous substances or health hazards above the permissible exposure level.

Beryllium surveillance testing

The beryllium lymphocyte proliferation test (BeLPT) identifies beryllium sensitization and is recommended for workers with exposure to any form of beryllium dust or fumes, including pure beryllium metal, copper-beryllium alloys, aluminum-beryllium alloys, nickel-beryllium alloys, recycled scrap containing beryllium, ceramics, and composite metals. 

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We offer a full range of vaccinations and immunity testing services, including one-time vaccinations and a comprehensive set of antibody titers.

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